Skincare Advice from The Spa @ No.1 Pery Square

I mentioned in my Maybelline 24-Hour Foundation review last week that I’ve noticed a change in my skin of late.  Curiously, it seems to have transformed from ‘nice and normal’ to ‘combination contrary’.  I  suspect that this change has something to do with the current ‘all work and no play’ mantra at Style By Caroline HQ; so, as a treat to myself, I decided to take some time out of the office this week for some beauty therapy.  And what could be more therapeutic than an indulgent Aromathérapie facial at Spa @ No.1 Pery Square.  Aromathérapie is a range of gentle, natural skincare products, developed by a Limerick Lady, Moira Geary.  These hand-blended oils not only cleanse, soothe and smooth the skin, they also have delicious scents with therapeutic properties.

Pery Square Spa Treatment Room

Today was the first time that I’ve experienced Aromathérapie products and I must say I’m impressed.  My skin feels great and has that elusive ‘healthy glow’ that it certainly didn’t have beforehand.   I’m particularly taken by the fact that it’s a local brand, using 100% natural ingredients and that the products are not tested on animals.  I will definitely purchase some products for use at home and I have already booked in for my next facial in a month’s time.

Elsewhere, I must say that the service at The Spa @ Pery Square was superb.  Despite the fact that I’m sure I must be the worst kind of client – all talk, and worse still, all questions – the therapist kindly indulged my chatter and shared many beauty tips with me, including:

  • Drink 2 litres of water every day.
  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and evening.
  • Remove your cleanser with a clean muslin cloth soaked in warm water.
  • Massage your face every day, paying particular attention to accupressure points where the body can store tension (in between the eyebrows, underneath the cheekbones).
  • Protect your face daily with a minimum SPF15.
  • Avoid treating spots with the likes of Sudocreme or toothpaste.  Instead, dab spots and blemishes with a blend of 1-part tea-tree oil and 1-part lavender essential oil.
  • Use appropriate mask twice a week (in my case a clay mask as I have combination skin.  If you have drier skin, choose a hydrating mask).
  • Use an exfoliating product twice a week.
  • Go for a facial every 4 weeks.
  • Try and get a minimum of 8 hours sleep every night.
  • Ensure that you take time out every day to relax.

Hope this information is of benefit.  Don’t be shy in sharing your skincare tips in the comment box below and, as always, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask!

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