Things to Consider When Buying Winter Boots

iStock_000003160238 (XS) Boot ShoppingWith the weather growing colder by the day, one or two pairs of high-quality boots will be an excellent wardrobe investment over the coming Winter months. Here are some considerations:

Boot Height: Choose a boot height that finishes at one of the slimmest points of your leg (often just above the ankle and just below the knee). Avoid heights that finish across the broadest point (e.g. ankles, calves).  Tall or long-legged ladies can usually get away with any boot height. Petite or short-legged ladies should avoid mid-lengths as they shorten the leg.

Colour: Buy a versatile colour that will match a large proportion of the clothes in your wardrobe. Remember, darker colours are slimming.

Fabric: Opt for natural fabrics which will allow your feet to breathe. For day-to-day boots, choose a fabric that is durable, warm and easy to clean (e.g. high quality leather). For dressy occasions, consider softer cloths such as suede, satin etc.

Sole: Check the sole for thickness & grip. If the sole is insufficient, ask a cobbler to re-sole the boots.

Heels: For day-wear, chunky or wedge heels give greater support and comfort than slim heels. Heels can often wear away with use, so ask your cobbler to re-heel your boots if the heels are getting tatty.

Boots for slim calves: Choose a style with buckles or laces that you can adjust to fit your slim legs. Also consider loose-fitting slouchy boots, which can look extremely flattering. Likewise, brighter colours, patterns, textures and embellishments will add visual interest.

Boots for broad calves: Choose boots with discreet elasticated panels, buckles or laces, which will expand to accommodate your legs comfortably. Avoid bright colours, patterns or embellishments which will broaden the leg.



  • Support | Choose boots that offer excellent support and protection for your feet. Ugg style boots, for example, give notoriously bad support.
  • Store | Store your boots carefully in a dry area, out of direct sunlight and dust. Stuff the legs with paper or a boot tree to maintain their shape.
  • Protect | Use a protective spray on suede or nubuck boots before the initial wear.
  • Clean | Clean your boots regularly with appropriate products, per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Dry | If your boots get wet, stuff them with newspaper and allow them to dry naturally. Then clean them as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


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