My Experience With Coloured Contact Lenses

I love playing around with my look – whether it be clothes, hair or make-up, I like to be adventurous and try out different things.  Some ventures are more successful than others (remind me never to lighten my hair again) but often times I’m pleasantly surprised by how a simple change can transform my look.

One of my favourite ways to change my look is by simply wearing coloured contact lenses.  My coloured lenses of choice are FreshLook ColorBlends in ‘brown’.  As you can see, they make quite a difference:

Style by Caroline - Blue Eyes

My natural blue eyes


Style by Caroline - Brown Eyes

Wearing ‘FreshLook Colorblend’ coloured contact lenses in ‘Brown’


*Obviously the setting, lighting and make-up are significantly different, but hopefully you get the gist of it. 

Coloured lenses tend to work better for those with naturally light eyes (grey, blue, green, light hazel); they can look unconvincing on those with brown eyes.  Once you get used to them, contact lenses are very easy to insert/remove and are very comfortable to wear; however, it is advisable to get your eyes checked by a qualified Optician first.

While I do enjoy wearing my coloured contact lenses, they are certainly less comfortable than my regular lenses (my eyes are sensitive anyway, and I find that these irritate and dry out my eyes pretty quickly).  Also, the tint is not foolproof – upon close scrutiny, they can look a little artificial, which is why I tend to wear them in the evening only.



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