How to Dress a Curvy Figure

Here are are a few clever styling tricks that will make one’s figure look longer and leaner:

Clothing Styles:

  • Choose clothes that have a gentle structure that will follow the contours of your shape.
  • Avoid loose or baggy styles which will only make you look larger.
  • Similarly, avoid tight styles that will only emphasise any lumps or bumps.
  • Most importantly, draw attention to your best features with bright / light colour, detailing, accessories and embellishments e.g. subtle beading on the neckline will draw attention to good skin on the décolleté area, a tailored jacket or cardigan will enhance your waist.

Neckline & Bustline

  • Choose a neckline that is suitable for your bustline.
  • If you have a large bust, avoid high necklines (e.g. polo-necks) or plunging necklines.  Avoid bulky fabric, heavy accessories, embellishments or fussy detailing around the neck / bust area.
  • If you have a neat bust, you might like to consider enhancing the area with a cowl neckline, ruching, beading, jewellery, bright colour, embellishments etc.
  • Crucially, no matter what your bust size is, make sure that you wear a bra that moulds and holds you properly.


  • Make sure that your hemlines end at your most flattering (slimmest) points.
  • E.g. Just under the knee is often a flattering length for a skirt/dress.
  • E.g. A sleeve length that ends just under the elbow is very attractive.
  • E.g. if you have broad hips, don’t wear a top or jacket that ends at the hips.

Tummy Support

  • You can achieve a flatter, smoother tummy with ease and comfort.
  • Higher waist trousers will act as a support to the lower tummy.
  • Thick waistbands can also give support
  • Wearing tops that are ‘gathered’ (or ‘ruched’) over the lower tummy area will conceal any lumps or bumps.
  • Wear darker colours or small, busy patterns over the lower tummy area which will deflect attention.
  • Most importantly, the best way of drawing attention away from one area is to draw the viewer’s eye elsewhere.  Draw attention towards features that you are very comfortable with e.g. if you have good legs, wear slim-fitting trousers in  a light colour, or an eye-catching pair of shoes.

Rule of Colour

  • Light colours attract attention; dark colours detract attention.
  • Wear darker colours on areas that you feel self-conscious about and lighter colours on your best features.
  • Wearing shades of the same colour can be very slimming.
  • Wearing darker panels on the sides of your body, and brighter colours towards the middle, will make you look much slimmer.


  • Wear pretty accessories around your face, for example; an attractive necklace, pretty earrings, a light silk scarf, a pretty headpiece.
  • Wear accessories that are in proportion with your proportions, for example, avoid tiny purses and instead go for a beautiful mid-sized bag, avoid dainty jewellery and instead choose something with a bit more substance.
  • Ensure your footwear has a bit of a heel, which will make you look taller and leaner.

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