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In my last post, I briefly outlined the various types of eyeliners on the market. In this follow-up post, I will impart a few tips that I’ve learned over the years, which will hopefully make eyeliner application a little bit easier for you.


  • What to consider: There are two things to consider when choosing your perfect shade of eyeliner; AGE and HAIR COLOUR.
  • Hair (light): If you have blonde, red or medium brown hair, opt for lighter shades of eyeliner such as brown or grey.
  • Hair (dark): If you have dark brown or black hair, then you should opt for darker shades.
  • Age (young): Youth is a time for experimentation, so feel free to try out coloured eyeliners!  As you grow older, tone down the colours a bit.
  • Age (mature): The older you are, the more conservative you should be with your eyeliner colour.  Darker shades will actually look quite harsh against your skin so choose soft browns and greys for a more flattering look.


  • Keep as close to the last line as possible.  There should be no gaps between the eyeliner and your lash line.
  • The line should be thinnest at the inner corner, graduating in thickness outwards to the outer corner.
  • Don’t pull stretch the eyelid outwards when applying liner as it will distort the lash-line and will make your liner look messy.  Instead, gently press the skin on your brow-bone upwards, which will make it easier to see and do your eyeliner.
  • It may help to look downwards into a mirror when applying your eyeliner.
  • If you’re hand is a bit wobbly, rest your elbow on a table.  You may also like to rest your baby finger on your cheekbone (see image below) to steady your hand as you line your eye.
  • Clean up any smudges with a clean cotton bud soaked in eye-liner remover.

iStock_000010598778 (XS) Woman applying eyelinerLining your upper lashes


  • For a SOFT look, dip a slim angled brush (e.g. MAC #266) into your chosen eye-shadow colour.  Then, starting at the outer corner of your eye, place the brush immediately underneath the lash line and work inwards to the halfway point of the lash line.  Stop here.  Be sure to keep the colour as close to the lash-line as possible.
  • For a DRAMATIC look, use a waterproof eyeliner on the waterline (kohl pencil or gel pencil is best).
  • For a more AWAKE and alert look, line the waterline with a flesh toned pencil.
  • Clean up any smudges with a clean cotton bud soaked in eye-liner remover.

Bright black eye make-upLining your lower lashes


  • Easy peasy: I only line the outer half of the upper eyelid for day-time.  This creates the illusion of full, soft lashes, yet it looks extremely natural.  To achieve this I use a waterproof pencil or a gel liner.

Black cosmetic pencilMy favourite daytime look


  • First, line your upper lashes: Apply eyeliner to the upper lash line as normal using a gel or liquid eyeliner.  Keep the line thin in the inner corner and gradually make it thicker towards the outer corner.
  • Getting the flick: Line a credit card or folded piece of paper against your face, connecting your nostril, the outer corner of your eye and the end of your eyebrow.  Using the credit card or paper as a ruler, create an upward flick on the outer corner of your eye with your eyeliner.
  • Clean & tidy: Clean up any smudges with a cotton bud soaked in eye-liner remover.
  • Conceal: Apply concealer underneath the eye when you’re finished, for a crisp and clean look.

Eyes Closed.An easy ‘cat eye’ flick

I hope these tips helped you.  There are a few excellent videos on YouTube which might also be of assistance:


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