Top 3 Reasons Why Clients “Have Nothing to Wear”

In my years working as an image consultant,I’ve found that these are the top 3 reasons why clients say that they have “nothing to wear”:



Ill-fitting clothes: More often than not, ‘problem wardrobes’ are bulging with clothes that simply don’t flatter the wearer’s figure. Perhaps their shape has changed, and they’re not sure how to dress for their new physique, or maybe they’ve bought into popular fashion trends which don’t flatter their figure. If your clothes don’t fit you properly, you will never feel comfortable or happy wearing them.

Solution: Take the time to analyse your body shape. Identify your best features and choose clothing styles that highlight these (do this with beautifully-cut designs plus attractive colours, patterns, detailing, textures and accessories). By the same token, avoid drawing attention to areas that you are conscious of (achieve this with mute colours, simple patterns, minimal detailing and discreet support).


Clothes don’t match lifestyle: In an ideal world, you should be getting repeated quality wear out of every garment in your wardrobe; however, as our survey shows, the majority of wardrobes in Ireland are barely half-used.

Solution: Sit down with a pen and paper and analyse your lifestyle. Apportion a percentage of time to your daily activities. For example: 50% = work time, 30% = time with the kids, 10% = exercise, 10% = social activities etc. If this person’s wardrobe was in balance with their lifestyle, 50% of clothes would be work-wear, 10% social-wear etc. If the percentages don’t add up, then make a list of shortfalls and keep it in your purse. When you go shopping, ONLY buy what is on this list!


Disorganisation: Often, people can’t find anything to wear because, put simply, their wardrobe is a mess.

Solution: Categorise your clothes by occasion e.g. work-wear, social clothes, casual clothes etc. Ensure that everything in your wardrobe is clean, ironed and on a hanger. Likewise, organise your accessories so that they are clean, visible and accessible. When you can see everything, it makes it a lot easier to find an outfit.

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