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2015.03.21 Jeans Perfect Fit


If I had a euro for every time I have been asked this question then I would be a rich woman.  ‘Denim difficulty’ seems to be a universal problem and no matter their age, size or shape, most women tell me that they struggle to find a flattering pair of jeans.

Despite thousands of brands and styles on the market, there isn’t one that works for everyone – regrettably.  My clients have had repeated success with Street One, Salsa, Mos Mosh, Tummy Tuck Jeans and Marks and Spencer, to name a few – but it’s important to cast your net widely and try on as many pairs as you have the patience for until you find success.  Hopefully the following tips will steer you in the right direction:


1.  Find a Flattering Colour

A dark shade of denim (such as indigo or navy) will make your legs look leaner – a great solution if you have broad hips or thighs.  If your legs are naturally slim then I suggest that you try a lighter wash or even a bright colour which will flatter your slender contours.


2.  Choose a clever cut

Analyse the shape of your legs and then carefully select a style of jeans to suit.  For example, a wide leg style of jeans (i.e. a “boot-cut” style) will balance out broad hips and thighs, whereas a narrower, straight-leg or tapered style will suit ladies with slim hips and legs.


3.  Watch the waistline

Low-rise waistlines, or ‘hipster jeans’ are the bane of many women’s lives as they give little or no support to the lower tummy area.  If you’re conscious of your midriff, try a pair of jeans with a mid-rise or high-rise waist, which will give optimum comfort and support.


4. Position pockets carefully

Small rear pockets will make your bum appear larger.  Therefore if you wish to minimise the size of your derriere, choose jeans with two large rear pockets (ensuring that each pocket is centrally positioned on either side) and avoid embellishments such as sequins, buttons zips etc.


5. Look at the leg length

Generally, the hem of your jeans should be 1cm or ½“ off the ground, when you have your shoes on.  You can go shorter if you are wearing a tight fit i.e. as skinny jeans. If you want your legs to look longer, try wearing a longer pair of jeans with a higher heel (perhaps a wedge heel for comfort); likewise, avoid turn-ups (cuffs) which will only make your legs look shorter.



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