Make-up Maintenance & Hygiene

I am regularly asked about make-up storage and maintenance in my classes; hence, I thought it might be a good idea to put a simple guide together for you:

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Make-up Storage

  • Store your makeup in a cool, dry, place.
  • Keep lids securely closed; this will protect your products from dust, breakage and hardening.
  • Be organized; store your make-up products by category.
  • Edit your make-up collection every few months; remove any items that you no longer use.


Shelf Life

  • Liquid or cream products should be disposed of after 12 months.
  • Powder products have a longer shelf life of 18-24 months.
  • Mascaras should be replaced every 3-4 months.
  • If the product’s colour, odour or consistency changes, then throw it out.

Makeup Shelf Life

Have you ever wondered what this symbol on make-up packaging means?  The number (i.e. 12 in this image) represents the maximum number of months within which the product should be used, after the initial opening.


  • Clean your brushes once a week with a gentle shampoo or a specific brush cleanser.  Rinse them thoroughly afterwards and allow them to dry naturally overnight.  If you are a make-up professional, wash your brushes after every use.
  • Sponges should be washed thoroughly or discarded after every use.
  • Disinfect your products and storage bags/boxes regularly with a spritz of surgical spirits or a disinfectant spray such as Beauty So Clean.
  • Sharpen your lip pencils and eyeliner pencils prior to every use.

Beauty So Clean


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