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You are the only two people in the whole world that know.  It’s the most wonderful secret and you’re bursting to tell but you don’t want to share it with anyone until you’re safely past the first scan; however, your rapidly-expanding tummy & boobs are threatening to give the game away and the last thing you want is winking relatives asking whether you have ‘any news’… 

If this is you, firstly let me wish you congratulations!  I may not have cures for first-trimester nausea, cravings or exhaustion, but I do have a few professional styling tips that will comfortably disguise your burgeoning bump and, hopefully, keep the nosy relatives at bay.


Draw attention away from the ‘giveaway’ areas (e.g. tummy, boobs)

  • Wear dark colours and muted patterns over your giveaway areas.  At the same time, wear brighter colours and bolder patterns on unaffected areas such as shoulders, décolleté, legs which will draw the viewer’s eye.  You can also use accessories/detailing to do this, such as; an eye-catching necklace, a pretty cotton scarf or an embellished neckline.

‘Ruched’ material is great for concealing an expanding waistline

  • Try and find tops that have ‘ruching’ (gathered material) across the tummy area.  These styles are fantastic for minimising an early pregnancy bump.

Avoid clingy tops, dresses and skirts

  • Tight-fitting tops may give the game away, so opt for slightly loose styles that will skim over your tummy and chest areas, and conceal a multitude.  Blouses, for example, are very much in fashion at the moment and are a Godsend for anyone who wants to hide a bump.  Pair these with slim-fitting trousers and pretty shoes for a sleek, fashionable look.
  • Substitute slim-fitting dresses for looser ‘smock’ or ‘tunic’ styles; likewise, replace form-fitting skirts with A-line styles that will camouflage the tummy area.

Layer your look with a fitted jacket or blazer

  • A fitted jacket, blazer or even a cardigan can really conceal a tell-tale bump.

Transform your existing jeans/trousers with a waistband expander

  • There’s no need to buy maternity jeans or trousers until you reach the second trimester.  In the meantime, if your top button is feeling tight simply attach a belly belt (€16.99 from which will give you plenty of room for expansion without anyone raising an eyebrow.

Did you know that a pair of heels will make you look slimmer?

  • For every 1” you gain in height, you visually lose 3lbs; so if you are feeling a bit heavier than usual, wear a pair of heels (wedges or chunky heels are most comfortable) which will immediately make you look taller and slimmer!

Opt for natural fabrics, where possible

  • My abiding memory of the first trimester is feeling hot, tired and sick.  My skin also became particularly sensitive and I hated the feeling of synthetic fabrics on my skin.  If you feel the same way, opt for natural fabrics which are softer, more breathable and considerably more comfortable to wear.  Refer to the care label on the garment for details on the fabric.

Make an appointment with a professional bra-fitter

  • You will most likely be making a few trips to a bra fitting specialist over the course of your pregnancy so make sure you find a good one!  Most lingerie stores and departments have trained consultants who will measure you and advise you on the most appropriate garments for your shape and requirements.
  • Be sure to discuss any comfort issues that you may have with your bra fitter; for example, even though my band size didn’t change in the first trimester, my bra fitter advised me to go up a size anyway as I was suffering terribly from heartburn.  This yielded an immediate improvement in symptoms and comfort.
  • You are advised not to wear underwired bras during pregnancy but, don’t worry, maternity bras are quite attractive nowadays so you won’t have to compromise on style.
  • Don’t buy too many bras at this stage – 2 is plenty as you will likely be buying more in a couple of months as your shape continues to change.

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In my next article I will be discussing style during the second trimester.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Twitter, Facebook, or my website  See you next time!


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