Have Confidence in Front of the Mirror

My little baby is 6 months now and has recently discovered the mirror.  He loves looking at his reflection (not realising that it’s himself) and he gets a great kick out of the fact that the ‘mirror baby’ smiles and laughs back at him!  I love watching this and I often think how great it would be if everyone felt the same joy when looking at their reflections.

“Mirror Baby”

In my professional capacity, I meet many clients who tell me that they dislike looking at their reflections, or indeed avoid looking at mirrors completely as they don’t like what they see.  Thus,  much of my job involves reintroducing people to mirrors and teaching them how to block out the negative messages in their head and instead embrace their reflections.

How to feel more condident in front of the mirror

  • Firstly, invest in a full-length mirror and ensure that it affixes flush against the wall.  Mirrors at angles tend to exaggerate certain features, often making us look wider than we actually are.
  • Secondly, look at your reflection as a whole.  I often see women zoning in on their perceived flaws e.g. tummy, thighs, boobs etc.  Whereas, when you look at your body in an overall context often you realise that you are far more balanced and proportionate than you thought.  By look at yourself as a whole, you can also judge your best features, and then you can work on choosing styles that flatter you accordingly.
  • Thirdly, imagine that you are looking at someone else – say, at the supermarket or a restaurant.  What would you think of that lady?  Does she look confident and happy, and does she look comfortable in her clothes?   As women we tend to be far more judgmental and harsh about our own physiques, so imagining that your reflection belongs to someone else can give you a more objective perspective.
  • Lastly, be kind to yourself.  Focus on the positives and being positive – you will feel all the more confident for it.


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