My morning skincare routine

Morning Skincare Routine (Polaroid)

I have become very interested in skincare in the last year or so.  It’s probably no coincidence that this interest was sparked by the sudden arrival of fine lines, dehydrated skin and a grey-looking palour.  (Explainer: I have young children so I mostly live in a sleep-deprived state!).

After much experimentation, I now feel that I have a skincare regimen which is working well for me; hence, I thought I would share my experiences here.  (Though I will continue to experiment with new products as I love trialing new lotions and potions.)

Most of the products I’ve tried have been recommended by professional beauty bigwigs, Caroline Hirons and Sali Hughes, and review sites such as Paula’s Choice BeautypediaMake-up Alley and  I also find the customer reviews on Amazon, etc. very informative.  I put time into researching products before I buy, and if possible, I get a sample size that I can try out.   Skincare products – especially good ones – can be expensive and it’s an awful feeling to have wasted money on something that isn’t suitable.

I will document my evening and additional skincare routine in a separate post.  For now, here is my morning routine.  At first glance it might appear long-winded but trust me it can be completed in under 2 minutes at a push!



Your skin sweats and sheds during the night (attractive, eh), so it is important to give your face a good cleanse in the morning time.  I tend to use a cleansing oil as my skin is dehydrated at the best of times.  Simply massage the oil into the skin with dry hands, then wet your hands with warm water and massage the product again until it becomes a milky emulsion.  Remove all traces of product with a clean, warm, damp flannel.   If I’m in a rush, I will use a micellar water and cotton pads.



In the mornings I like to use a product that hydrates and brightens the under-eye area, sinks into the skin quickly, and doesn’t displace make-up products.  The product I use (see below) contains retinol and Vitamin C – both of which are potent anti-aging ingredients.  Apply a tiny amount to your finger tip and pat gently under the eye area down to the cheekbones and across to the temples.  Leave to set before applying products on top.



Serums are a pivotal part of my routine as they greatly enhance the hydration levels of my parched skin.  I like to use a serum that is hydrating but not greasy, so I tend to go for ones that are heavy in hyaluronic acid (HA can hold 1,000 times its own weight of water).  I’ll be reviewing hyaluronic acid serums later in the month.  Apply the prescribed amount the the centre of the face first, and blend outwards and down the neck.



Again, I want all the benefits of hydration but in a lightweight, non-greasy formula.  I have 3 products on the go at the moment, depending on the result I require (see in brackets below).  Massage the product all over the face and down the neck until it is mostly absorbed.



Following a trip to a dermatologist last year – click here to read about my mole mapping experience – I was instructed to wear an SPF50 on a daily basis, no matter the season.  I like to use La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Fluid, which is a beautifully light and easy-to-wear formulation that, on me, enhances the skin’s complexion (giving a ‘soft focus’ effect).  Be warned that this product sets very quickly, so, if you are applying cream make-up you will need to work it into the skin at the speed of light, otherwise the application will cause the SPF to drag and curdle / peel.  If this happens, buff the affected areas with a soft brush.



The finishing step in my routine is a dab of lip-balm.  Depending on the condition of my lips, I use one of the following:



All reviews on are based on my own personal experiences and opinions.  I have not been paid to endorse any of the featured items.  If you have specific skincare concerns or queries, please refer to your GP or dermatologist.  All prices and links are correct at time of publication.

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