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2015.04.20 Earring Hygiene




There are millions of articles online about how to cleanse your face, sterilise your make-up brushes, sanitize your beauty equipment etc. but you never hear much about earring hygiene, which is surprising considering that earrings can be grubby little things.  If not cleaned regularly, earrings can harbour dirt and harmful bacteria, which, in turn, can lead to discomfort and infection.



The quickest, easiest and safest way to clean earrings, I’ve found, is to use alcohol prep pads which you can purchase from your local pharmacy for €0.10 each.  I use a separate wipe for each earrings, and dispose after use.  Alternatively, you could buy a bottle of  rubbing alcohol from the pharmacy, apply to a clean cloth, and clean your earrings accordingly.  I recommend that you clean your earrings upon purchase, and then on a fairly frequent basis after that.  (I tend to give them a quick clean before every wear – but that might be OTT).



The gold earrings are by Irish contemporary jewellery designer, Vivian Walsh, and can be purchased here (€55).  The pink earrings are from a 2007 collection by Coast.



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