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2015.04.05 Acuvue Define Review Cover


If you’ve read my blog before then you’ll know that I have a keen interest in eye-wear, both for functional purposes (I’m very shortsighted) and styling/beauty. [Related links inserted at the end of this article.]  Regarding the latter, I recently received an invitation from Vision 2 Opticians in Limerick to try out the new colour-enhancing daily contact lens range from Johnson and Johnson called Acuvue Define.   I have dabbled with tinted contact lenses in the past but found them to be somewhat artificial looking and considerably less comfortable than my standard daily disposable lenses – which, coincidentally, are also by Acuvue.  Hence, I was eager when I heard about Acuvue’s new Define range and it’s promise to define, brighten and enhance the natural colour of my eyes, without looking artificial.



The basic idea is simple; there are two types of Acuvue Define lenses available and your selection depends on your eye colouring.  The Sparkle lens is designed to enhance blue/grey eyes, and the Shimmer lens is for hazel/brown/green eyes.   Each lens a coloured halo around its circumference – the Sparkle halo is blue and the Shimmer halo is brown – and this defines the iris colour.  The lens also contains translucent highlights which give shine and brightness to the iris.





I have blue eyes so naturally I reached for the Sparkle lenses first.  Here I am pictured with one lens fitted to my left eye…

2015.04.05 Acuvue Define Natural Sparkle

You’ll probably agree, the result is underwhelming.  I didn’t notice much of a difference and neither did my family with whom I played a entertaining game of “guess which eye is wearing a contact lens” (they fared poorly). 

However, when you think about the principles of colour theory, this actually makes sense.  In order to enhance one colour, you need to set it against a complementary colour (its’ direct opposite on the colour wheel).  Let me give you a practical example of this: if I was doing my eye make-up I would never choose blue eye-shadow as it makes my eyes look dull and murky; instead, I opt for brown, taupe, gold, bronze etc.

With that in mind, here’s the Shimmer (brown-toned) lens in my left eye (no lens in my right eye)…

2015.04.05 Acuvue Define Natural Shimmer

I certainly noticed that my iris appeared brighter and more defined, and (after inserting the second lens) my family remarked that my eyes looked “glossy” and “twinkly”.  (This effect didn’t show up very well on my camera as it was a very bright day so I had to stand in the shade.)  The effects are subtle, and that’s the point; these lenses are intended to define, brighten and enhance the eye colour in a natural way.  As I would expect from Acuvue lenses, they are very comfortable to wear (thanks to Acuvue’s patented moisture cushion).  They also offer UV protection, which is important as our eyes our 10 times more sensitive to the sun than our skin.



All in all, I found this experiment very interesting and enjoyable, and I was pleased with the performance of the lenses.  If you would like to try Acuvue Define 1-Day lenses for yourself, you can order a free 5-day trial from Vision 2 Opticians.  (They are available with or without a prescription.)  My thanks to Vision 2 Opticians for giving me the opportunity to try out the products, and to my sister for patiently photographing the process!





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