How to Choose Cropped Trousers

Caroline’s tips for a flattering fit:

  • Colour: If you tend to carry your weight in the lower half of your body (pear shape = broad hips, bum and thighs), choose a darker shade. Conversely, if you have slim hips and a neat bum, choose a lighter shade which will draw attention to your slim legs.
  • Fabric:¬† Lightweight fabrics e.g. 100% cotton or linen, can be unforgiving (they go out of shape easily, and can emphasise the dreaded VPL)! ¬†Favour a slightly heavier fabric that will not only offer better support, it will also have some ‘give’ for comfort e.g. a light denim.
  • Fit: If you have broad legs, avoid styles that are too clingy (you will look like you were catapulted into them) or indeed too baggy (they will make your legs look wider than they are long). If you have slim legs, by all means go for the slimline styles.
  • Waist: If you are conscious of your tummy, avoid low-waist or ‘hipster’ styles. A mid-rise or high-rise waist will give much more support to your tummy, not to mind being more comfortable to wear.
  • Length: Ensure that the trouser leg finishes on the most flattering point on your leg. Often the most flattering point on a woman’s leg is just below the knee. If you have short legs, I suggest that you don’t go below this point as your legs will look very short. If you have long legs, you can get away with any length you fancy. If you have broad calves, ensure that the hem doesn’t cut across the broadest point of the leg.
  • Pockets: Avoid hip pockets if you have broad hips. If you wish to minimise the size of your bum, choose large rear pockets that are positioned quite close together and tuck slightly under the bum. If you wish to increase the size of your derriere, choose small pockets or no pockets.
  • Footwear: If you have short legs, I suggest you wear a heel with cropped trousers to give you added leg length (wedge heels are extremely comfortable). Ankle straps are to be avoided at all costs if you have short legs or broad ankles.


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