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Following up on last week’s post regarding sunglasses, I received a great question from a reader:


Hello Caroline, just wondering have you any advice for people with small faces trying to find sunglasses?!  I just find it impossible to find a pair that fit me and that I feel comfortable with, because my face is small and narrow – usually glasses just look super big on me and are too wide for my face. When the over-sized sunglasses were fashionable, I felt kind of ok with that because it was fairly easy for me to fall in with it! But I’d really like a nice pair that fit me properly. Can you recommend any brands that maybe cater for those of us who are a bit challenged in that area, or is there any particular style I should look out for that won’t dwarf my face in a ridiculous way? Or do I just need to check out the children’s section? 😉


Dear Reader,

Thank you for your great question!  Indeed, 2009’s ‘oversized’ trend was a Godsend for those with smaller faces; however, fashion is a fickle mistress and she is now courting neat-fitting ‘aviators’ for 2010; thus leaving those with petite faces in a quandary.  It can be a challenge to find frames to suit those with petite faces, especially on the high street as most shops carry only standard fits and widths.  That said, I hope these suggestions will help you out:

  • As obvious as it sounds, choose frames that are proportionate in size to your face i.e. small!   I notice that small rectangular frames suit small faces beautifully.
  • Width-wise, the frame should only be as wide as your face.
  • Avoid really thick frames which will overpower you.  Similarly, make sure that the ‘arms’ aren’t too heavy looking.
  • Similarly, avoid loud embellishments that will swamp your petite features.
  • Avoid frame and lense colours that are too dark as they might overpower your features.
  • Patience is key.  Try on as many styles as you can.  Remember, it may take a bit of time before you find your perfect pair.
  • Keep an eye out for French, Spanish and some Italian brands, which are geared toward a smaller fit.  I find that US/UK brands are quite large.
  • Designer brands tend to offer a greater diversity of fits than the high street.
  • Your local Optician will be able to help you out too as they not only stock a wide range of fits and sizes, they also have professional fitters.
  • All jokes aside, avoid the temptation to try children’s sunglasses!  Frames are designed differently for children and you will inevitably find that they will sit very high on your nose.
  • As always, ensure that you choose glasses with 100% UV protection.

I hope this information helps you.

Good luck in your quest!


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