How to Find the Best Swimsuit for Your Shape


Finding the perfect swimsuit takes time and effort. Your aim is to find a shape that flatters your shape and makes you look proportionate. I have outlined some suggestions below as a guide. Consider also investing in a flattering kaftan / sarong / cover-up which will (a) protect you from the sun (b) conceal any wobbly areas and (c) give you added warmth.

Best for Pear Shape

Features: Narrow shoulders, neat bust, slim waist and broader around the hips/bum/thighs.

DO draw attention upwards towards your narrowest features. Do this with frills, embellishments, gathered material, bright colours/patterns, padding/underwiring on the bust etc.)
DON’T draw attention to your broader areas. Avoid low-rise leg or detailing/bright colour around the bum/hips.

This La Perla swimsuit is available from Net-a-Porter (€239):

Pear - One Piece

Best for Top-Heavy Shape

Features: large bust, undefined waist, may carry weight around the tummy & upper arms.  Slim bum, hips, thighs and legs.

DO give great support to bust and tummy areas. Enhance your waist area (gathered material, drawstrings, embellishment, brighter colour etc. around the waist area). Stick to plain patterns/colours.
DON’T wear skimpy, unsupportive or strapless items.

This Magic Swimsuit is available from Littlewoods (26):

Curvy - One Piece (c)

Best for Athletic/Rectangular Shape

Features: Body shape is straight up and down with very little waist definition.

DO try to create the illusion of curves with gathered fabric, curvy patterns, support around the bust, embellishment around the hip area etc.
DON’T wear boxy shapes or lines/patterns that are vertical/horizontal.

This Zimmermann swimsuit is from Net-a-Porter (€229.69):

Straight - One Piece

Best for Curvy Shape

Features: Body shape is voluptuous.

DO choose supportive fabrics, hidden supportive panels, fabrics with a lycra/spandex mix. Also go for darker colours and plain patterns. Find out what your best feature is and draw attention to that with detailing.
DONT wear flimsy, skimpy, ill-fitting or tight-fitting styles. Avoid loud or bright colours and patterns.

This Resort Shapewear swimsuit is from Littlewoods (€37):

Curvy - One Piece

Best for Slim Shape

Features: Body shape is neat and slender

DO have fun! With your slim frame you can go crazy with colour, pattern, texture, accessories, detailing etc. Cut-out panels are very much in season for SS10 and would look great on you.
DONT wear dark colours, monochromatic patterns or boring styles.

This Cosabella swimsuit is from Asos (£75):

Slim - one piece


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