The Best Way to Hide Wobbly Areas

Style By Caroline Banish Wardrobe StressProbably, the question that I’m most asked in my style classes – and most likely why people seek the advice of a stylist in the first place is…“how can I hide the areas that I am self-conscious about e.g. wobbly tummy, untoned arms, generous bum, broad legs etc”.

Yes, there are lots of styling tricks that you can do to streamline, slenderise (pardon me while I invent verbs) and support wobbly areas, but there’s actually an even better way of concealing those areas that you are self-conscious about which doesn’t involve elaborate styling tricks.  Simply, draw attention instead to your best features! The human eye can only concentrate on so much at one time so if you have cleverly drawn attention to your best features, no one will take any notice of those areas which you are worried about.

How to Draw Attention to your Best Features:

  • Bright colours
  • Interesting patterns
  • Pretty detailing such as beading, stitching, frills embellishments etc.
  • Accessories such as jewellery, glasses, bags, footwear etc.

Remember that it is very important that you draw as little attention as possible to any wobbly areas; achieve this with darker colours, muted tones, plain fabrics, no embellishments and no bulky detailing.

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