Why Face Wipes are Bad for Your Skin

Did you know that face wipes occupy the largest slice of the cleanser market in Ireland?  Great news for face wipe manufacturers.  No so great for Irish faces.

Face wipes have their uses – they’re cheaply priced, easy and quick to use and do an adequate job of cleansing the face.  However, despite these obvious advantages, I am not a fan.  Firstly, they are laced with alcohol, which is is lethal for your skin.  Prolonged use often results in dry, sensitised skin (a particular complaint those with fair Celtic complexions).  Secondly, I notice that they don’t actually clean the skin properly.  They’re fine for a once-off, but if you’re using cleansing wipes every day instead of a cleanser and toner that is formulated for your specific skin-type, you’ll most likely experience a build-up of cellular debris, oils and dirt on the skin, which in turn can lead to congestion and breakouts.  Nice!

If you’re unsure of what products will work for your skin, your best bet is to have a consultation with a skincare practitioner who will advice you of your skin type and recommend suitable products for you.

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