How to Transform Your Clothes with Fabric Dye

Fabric dye is a cheap and easy way to transform clothes.  I often dye garments that have become stained or faded, or whose original colour I don’t like, and usually the outcome is very successful. The process couldn’t be simpler – as my photos below illustrate – and as long as you heed the manufacturer’s instructions, you should end up with a great finished product.




Please read and heed!

  • Always follow the guidelines and instructions on the packet.
  • The guide colour on the box may not represent the true final colour of the dyed garment; key variables include; the type of fabric, quantity of fabric, start-out colour etc.
  • Synthetics and silks usually require specialist dyes.
  • Polyester thread (e.g. that used in jeans) does not adhere to dye.
  • Don’t dye any garment that you are emotionally attached to just in case the process doesn’t work out as you had hoped – I don’t want you sending me angry emails!


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