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2015.10.06 Brow products reviewed


Despite my adoration for all things make-up, I actually wear very little of it on a day-to-day basis.  I’m a 3-products woman – blush, lip gloss and brows – and that’s glamorous enough for the daily school run / trip to the supermarket etc.  Brow products are my kryptonite, so here is a round-up of my most selection.




This is my go-to product for everyday wear; it’s quick and easy to use, and the results are natural and long-lasting.  The bristles hold just the right amount of product for even, clump-free distribution, plus the small brush head tapers to a point making it ideal for precision work.  The shade is a cool, dark brown which is a perfect match for me, and the tiny fibres contained within the formula give the appearance of fuller brows.   | Price: €8.49 |  Rating: 5*



This is a pretty impressive offering from Maybelline, giving a rich a glossy colour, good volume and long-lasting hold.  However, I can’t get my head around the design of the wand – to me it resembles a toilet brush – and I find it a bit finniky to use; so, for that, it loses a star.   | Price: €7.49 |  Rating: 4*




I use this product principally for the brow powder as it delivers good colour payoff with no fallout, plus the cool, dark shade blends perfectly with my natural colouring. The accompanying wax isn’t pliable enough for my liking though and the shade is too light (definitely ‘medium’, not ‘dark’).  The little spoolie and tweezers are surprisingly effective so I do use them for travel; however, the angled brush is too thick for precision-work so I use a MAC #266 instead.   Finally, the outer casing, hinge and clasp are sturdy but the packaging does look a bit cheap relative to the product’s not-so-cheap price-tag.  | Price: €15.29  | Rating: 3*



The first thing that came to mind when I saw this kit is that it’s a carbon copy of Benefit’s Brow Zings (albeit €24 cheaper).  I don’t own the Benefit kit so I can’t tell you whether this palette measures up to it, but I can tell you that it has a few nice features of its own.  For instance, the wax has a lovely, soft consistency making it very easy to apply, plus its cool, dark tone matches my colouring perfectly.  However, the powder shade is too warm for me (leaving a reddish tint on my brows) and it doesn’t quite have the pigmentation of the L’Oréal version.  If I could pair the Sleek wax and the L’Oréal powder in one kit then I’d be sorted!  I’ve misplaced the tools but, from memory, they were were reasonably effective (I would still always use full-size tools though).  The packaging is both durable and attractive, as I’ve come to expect from Sleek products.  | Price: €10.00 | Rating: 3*




I’d say there isn’t a make-up artist in the world who doesn’t have a few of these knocking around in their kit; for quick and easy application, they’re very hard to beat.  The twist-up gel pencil design enables you to control and create perfectly-defined brows that don’t budge.  MAC say that these are “self-sharpening”, which is true, but I sometimes wish that the point could be made slightly sharper so as to mimic tiny hairs – but that’s just me being very picky.    | Price: €18.00 | Rating: 4*



Another twist-up pencil… no prizes for guessing where the inspiration for this product came from!  This crayon-esque pencil is a very nice product and is almost as good as the MAC one above (the consistency and shade are identical, but the Maybelline packaging feels looser).   This is actually a double-ended product which, at the other end, has a sponge applicator that dispenses powder for filling/setting purposes.  To be honest I’m a bit baffled by this feature; it’s fiddly, messy and surely unhygienic.  In any case, the pencil is well worth the money so buy it for that.   | Price: €8.49 | Rating: 3*




Of all the products I’ve ever purchased, this has been the greatest let-down.  I had such high hopes for it as it is a favourite of Lisa Eldridge and Karima from Shameless Fripperies; however, it didn’t work for me at all.  My primary reason for purchasing it was so that I could draw tiny natural-looking brow-hairs on sparse areas; however, when I use the short, light strokes required to achieve this effect, barely a trace of product emerges.  In fact, I have to lean quite heavily on the nib to get any discernible amount of product out, and that leaves a much thicker line than desired.  Storing it nib-downwards does help, but it still doesn’t give me the density of colour that I require.  Which brings me to the shade itself; actually the shade (medium brown with a slight greenish hue) is quite nice and I think would suit those with a lighter hair colouring than I, but sadly that isn’t enough to redeem it for me.   | Price: £20.00 |  Rating: 2*



This is another double-ended product, with a felt-tip nib at one end and a waxy pencil at the other.  I’ll start with the felt-tip end first – alas, like the Suqqu one, it simply doesn’t dispense enough product – again I had to apply excessive pressure to get the colour payoff that I wanted, but of course it’s impossible to achieve precision when you’re being heavy-handed so the net result was patchy, wobbly and artificial looking .  Curiously, most online reviewers rave about the product so I can only guess that maybe the lid had been left off it in the shop leaving it to dry out.  The pencil end is very good though – quite like MAC’s eyebrow crayon (although the colour is too light for me). | Price: €13.50 |  Rating: 3*


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