How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

With these tips you’ll look like a Pretty Polly model in no time!

  • Choose a trouser with a vertical stripe / vertical pattern, which will draw the eye up and down, thereby visually lengthening the leg
  • Avoid trouser cuffs / turn ups as these visually shorten the leg.
  • Avoid overly baggy/ wide styles of trousers. Instead, choose boot-cut or straight leg styles which are more flattering.
  • Avoid cropped trousers with a mid-calf leg length; these will make your legs look stumpy. If you wish to wear shorter trousers, choose slim-fitting (but not squeezy tight) styles that end just below the knee.
  • Choose footwear in a similar colour to your trousers – this will create a streamlined look and subtly make your legs look longer. Ensure that your socks / tights are in a similar colour too.
  • Wear a heel. Even the smallest of heels will make a difference to the length of your leg. Wear wedge heels for greater comfort.
  • Your trouser hem should finish 1cm (or 1/2″) off the ground. Short hem = short legs.
  • Avoid wearing shoes/sandles with an ankle strap as these will shorten the leg drastically.
  • Shoes with a pointy toe will elongate the leg. Avoid ‘square toe’ styles.
  • If you want to fast track your way to a 36″ leg, wear nude-coloured shoes with a high heel (very much in vogue at the moment).


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