How to Win ‘Best Dressed’ at the Races

What does it take to win in the style stakes?  A fabulous outfit clearly, but what else?

Practicality:  It’s critical that you dress to suit the occasion.  Yes, glamour is important, but so too is dressing appropriately for your environment.  Many’s the time I’ve seen ladies in flimsy dresses and skyscraper heels at a bitterly cold race meeting.    Think ahead – what will the weather be like, what is the walking surface like etc. – and tailor your outfit, hair and accessories to suit.   Comfort is key.

Uniqueness:  Judges are looking for someone with the x-factor and, typically, they love to see something that has a story e.g. something you found in a vintage store / handed down to you by a relative / that you customised yourself.  It’s not uncommon that a winning ensemble would feature a mish-mash of expensive/inexpensive, plus old/new.   Seasonal trends aren’t of paramount importance as ‘style’ inevitably trumps ‘fashion’ in these competitions.

Accessories:  Winning ensembles are characterised by great accessories.  Choose selected pieces that crate an impact but take care not to wear too many adornments or you will look like you tried to hard.  ‘Matchy matchy’ isn’t essential, but coordination is.   Try customising you own piece of jewellery, fascinator, shoes or bag.  You’ll be amazed at what you can create with a needle and thread and embellishments from your local haberdashery.

Charisma:  To me, confidence is the epitome of style.  Being comfortable in your own skin is of paramount importance.   Don’t mimic someone else’s style; dress to suit YOUR personality and physique.

Fun:  Finally, the most important thing is to have fun with your outfit – relish wearing it, enjoy the event and don’t get caught up in trying to win!

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