Winter Coats for Every Shape

There’s a real chill in the air today which has got me thinking about Winter coats.   If you’re thinking about purchasing a new Winter coat but are unsure of what style to go for, check out my guide below:

Best for Pear Shape

Features: Narrow shoulders, neat bust, slim waist and broader around the hips/bum/thighs.

DO draw attention upwards towards your narrowest features with detailing, pattern and colour.  Show off your neat shoulders and collarbones with a broad labels.  Enhance your bust with a dramatic collar, frills, embellishments or a double-breasted fastening.  Draw attention to your slim waist with a fitted waist or an eye-catching belt.   Conceal your tum, bum and hips with an A-line cut (a style that flares out gently from the waist down).  The hem should finish at a slim point on your leg (i.e. above or below the hips)
DON’T wear a baggy or loose style.  Similarly, avoid coats that finish just at the hip (your widest point).

Monsoon Ada Belted CoatPear Shape Example: Monsoon Ada Belted Coat £160

Best for Top-Heavy Shape

Features: large bust, undefined waist, may carry weight around the tummy & upper arms.  Slim bum, hips, thighs and legs.

DO choose a sleek, well-cut, single-breasted design.  Keep the colours and patterns quite plain and sophisticated.  (Dark panels on either side of the torso can be very slimming.)  Favour slim lapels and open necklines.   Enhance your waist with a gentle belt, or slim-fitting cut.  Most lengths suit you.
DON’T wear anything puffy, baggy or tight.  Similarly avoid double-breasted styles, high necklines or bulky embellishments.

Acne Wool BlendTop-Heavy Shape Example: Acne Galactic Wool-Blend Belted Coat (€490)

Best for Athletic/Rectangular Shape

Features: Body shape is straight up and down with very little waist definition.

DO try to create the illusion of curves with gathered fabric, asymmetric detailing and a skirt that emphasises the hips.  Try to highlight the waist also with an eye-catching waistband or belt.  Also, opt for soft feminine colours and fabrics.  The best length for you is anywhere between mid-thigh and above the knee.
DON’T wear boxy shapes (such as trench coats or macs).  Also, avoid muted colours and patterns, or linear detailing (which will only enhance your naturally straight proportions).

Phase Eight Dolly Coat £160

Rectangular Shape Example: Phase Eight Dolly Coat (£160)

Best for Curvy Shape

Features: Body shape is voluptuous.

DO choose plain, tailored designs with darker colours and plain patterns (if choosing a pattern, make sure that it is small).  Single-breasted or button-less styles with a gentle belt fastening are very flattering.  Ensure that the hem finishes at a flattering point (anywhere above the knee).
DONT wear styles that are bulky, puffy or shapeless.  Avoid loud or bright colours and large patterns.

LK Bennett Funnel CoatCurvy Shape Example: LK Bennett Event Coat (£295)

Best for Tall

Features: 5’8” or taller

DO have fun!  With your height you can pretty much get away with anything.  Look out for bright colours, unusual patterns or eye-catching detailing.  Break-up your height with a double-breasted fastening, angular zip, asymmetric lengths or peplum-style hems. Most lengths suit, but be sure that your hem finishes at a flattering point.
DONT wear anything boring!  Avoid vertical detailing or boxy styles.  Avoid very long styles, which will only add to your height.

Karen Millen DrapedTall Example: Karen Millen Soft Draped Coat (€350)

Best for Petite

Features: 5’4” or shorter

DO choose structured styles.  Try and find a coat with some vertical detailing (e.g. vertical pin-stripe, vertical rib), which will elongate your figure.  A high neckline and high waistline will also stretch out your torso and make you look taller.  Avoid loud or dramatic patterns which might swap you; instead, opt for colour-blocking or interesting embellishments / detailing which will draw the eye.  Anything at or above hip-length is best (widest part of the upper thigh).
DONT wear anything big or bulky as this will swamp your neat frame.  Similarly, avoid long coats, which will serve to make you look like a hobbit!

Coast BellaPetite Example: Coast Bella Coat (£180)


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