6 Ways to Conceal a Wobbly Lower Tummy


Would you like your tummy to look slimmer, without setting foot near a treadmill?  Here are my top ‘tummy tuck’ styling techniques:

  • Colour: Dark colours are slimming.  Wear darker shades on any area that you are conscious of.  Dark panels along the sides of your torso are also very slimming.
  • Pattern: Busy patterns confuse the eye!  Wearing a small, busy print is a sure-fire way of concealing any wobbly areas.
  • Gathered Fabric: Wear gently gathered, draped or ruched fabric over the tummy area, which again, will confuse the eye of the beholder into thinking that you have a smooth tummy underneath the fabric.
  • High waistband: A high, thick waistband in a skirt or trousers will offer great support to the tummy area.
  • Underwear: Choose knickers with a high waistband, again, to offer support to the tummy area.  There is a wealth of ‘control pants’ on the market if you want extra support.
  • Draw attention elsewhere: Avoid drawing attention to the tummy area.  Instead, draw the eye upwards towards your decollete and face e.g. with a pretty necklace, scarf, beading, pattern, frills etc.


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